Following is a list of videos that cover the basics that every officer should understand. The “Supplemental Videos” are videos specific to First Presbyterian Church, Texarkana, Arkansas. If you do not have a copy of the Book of Order or Book of Confessions you can access a PDF version clicking on the graphics or links to the right.

Video 1: Who are Presbyterians? (6 mins. 13 secs)
Video 2: Officers (6 mins. 13 secs)
Video 3: Connectional (7 mins. 46 secs)
Video 4: The Constitution (6 mins. 47 secs)
Video 5: How to use the Book of Order (6 min. 14secs)
Video 6: What is the Presbytery? (8 mins 3 secs)
Video 7: Deacons at FPC Texarkana (10 mins. 9 secs.)

Supplemental Videos

Video 8: Permanent Funds Ministry Introduction” (9 mins. 54 secs.)

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